About us

Lee is a professional archaeologist with degree's in archaeology and history, is an artist and active environmentalist, monitoring impacts of the WA state Governments aerial burning program on cultural heritage sites, flora and fauna across the Kimberley. Lee has been walking remote areas of the Kimberley for over thirty years recording rock art and other archaeological sites and has worked as a research consultant on various archaeological and environmental projects throughout the Kimberley.

Dean is a professional photographer, amateur archaeologist, I.T. expert, caver and also an active environmentalist. Dean began working with Lee seventeen years ago, photographing the rock art, flora and fauna and digitally recording the vast amount of data accumulated over 33 years of independant research.

Husband and wife team, Lee and Dean are experienced bushwalkers and share a passion for the vast natural and cultural diversity of the Kimberley. They have both worked closely with indigenous people and continue to be involved in many of the serious issues impacting on the unique Kimberley cultural and natural heritage areas.

Lee and Dean are the founders of two Charitable environmental and research organisations, Kimberley Specialists in Research and Kimberley Toad Busters. Kimberley Specialists in Research was set up to facilitate and sponsor general biodiversity and cultural research in the Kimberley while Kimberley Toad Busters was set up specifically to respond to the cane toad invasion impacting on the native wildlife of the Kimberley.

Through these organisations Lee and Dean have run several major symposiums dealing with the impacts of fire on rock art and other cultural sites, and fire and canetoads on the native fauna and flora, as well as having constructed several websites, facebook and other social media designed to specifically focus on these issues.