Stylised Bradshaw Figures

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The Stylised Bradshaw Period

This Bradshaw period of stylistic change is similar to the Classic style in that the artists appear to prefer to paint on a clean ‘canvas’.

There is a noted absence of animals depicted with the figures, on either or near a headdress such as indicated in the Classic period, or associated with figures such as in the Simple period.

Also absent is the range of accoutrements and implements that signified the Complex period of painting. The Stylised figures are sometimes depicted with a single barb spear and boomerangs.

Absent also are the beautifully defined discrete decorative accoutrements of the Classic figures.

The Stylised period of painting shows figures that are drawn and painted with stylised body movements which do not show the range and freedom of style shown during the Complex period. For the first time legs of the figures are frequently drawn as a single line. The headdress, while variable is usually discrete and relatively small in size. The decorative accoutrements show little resemblance to the tassel or sash attachments of earlier Bradshaw periods.

The interesting spatial distribution of this Bradshaw period, the evidence of minimal superimposition, the lack of accoutrements and implements characteristic of the ‘Classic and Complex period of painting, the frequent use of a single line to indicate ‘legs’, the stylistic depiction of the headdress, body posture, are the main fingerprints defining the Stylised Bradshaw figures.

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