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Simple Bradshaw Period

The Simple Bradshaw period is the last and perhaps longest phase of Bradshaw figure painting. It is this last period of Bradshaw figures that best represents those figures increasingly being referred to as Gwion Gwion (Doring 2000).

The Simple Bradshaw period has the greatest geographical spread of all the Bradshaw stylistic variations identified in this research. The spatial distribution extends over an area three times the size of the area the Classic painters used, indicating that each later stylistic change saw the Bradshaw period of painting being extended into new and larger areas of the Kimberley.

The Simple Bradshaw figures also show extensive regional influence, diverse technique and varied artistic ability and for the first time artists begin to paint images of hunting scenes and ceremony associated with hunting.

The diverse headdress elements that are a signature of the Classic Abstract and Complex Bradshaw periods is almost as diverse but very simply executed.

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