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The Complex period of Bradshaw figures was identified as the second major shift in the chronology of the Bradshaw period of painting with distinctive stylistic changes and technique of painting, and a spatial distribution reaching areas well beyond the coastal river systems.

The simplicity of decoration that was embraced by the painters of the Classic period was replaced by figures smaller in size and adorned with an extraordinary complex range of accoutrements and implements. The most distinguishing characteristic appears to be the loss of the ability of the artists to paint figures that depicted subtle gender differences as well as distinctive anatomical features. Other Characteristics that defined the Complex style from the Classic period was the broad variability and inconsistency in the size of the figures being portrayed with panels representing large complex group scenes, general depiction of figures showing bent knee positions, multiple superimpositions of figures, variable postures that appeared to be more related to dancing and ceremony, major increase in decorative and utilitarian accoutrements and the introduction of multiple wooden ‘hunting’ implements for the first time.

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