Bradshaw Rock Art of the Kimberley

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What is Bradshaw Rock Art ?

Joseph Bradshaw first described and recorded the elegant red ochre figures wearing beautiful headdresses and decorative accoutrements in 1892. He had no name for them but merely described them as not being painted by the present Aboriginals.

Bradshaw Chronology and Nomenclature

The introduction of multiple terms based on an ‘interpretation’ of superimposition to define the Bradshaw period has produced an extraordinary list of conflicting names and identification issues at a regional and broader geographic level.

Can we tell Gender Differences

Kimberley rock art images generally show the gender of anthropomorphic images by showing either painted breasts or other genitalia. The Bradshaw rock art images do not generally prescribe to this formula. What criteria does one use to determine gender in Bradshaw rock art?

Notes on a Recent Trip to Prince Regent's River.

Read at the 21st Ordinary General Meeting, 10th September, 1891.

The effect of the current Kimberley burning program on this ancient and irriplacable body of rock art images?

What does the evidence tell us?



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